Computer Lab

The computer facilities at Govt.polytechnic,sonepur broadly include that for numerical and algebraic computation, graphic application , internet and automation of library and administration. There are about 100 PC's installed in the computer centre, library, laboratories, offices of faculties, administration which are connected by Local Area Network. User,s data is stored in a fileserver with total storage capacity of 8 TB.Programs which require extensive numerical work are run in HPC;s Parallel processing have been loaded in these machines to speed computation. Serveral software's such as auto-cadd and star pro are available for algebric computation.The administrative works, such as accounting, personnel management, stores have been computerrized. Printers are provids in every faculty and administrative office.several laser printers with network printing facility are available for general use. 100 mbps Internet access is available in academic and administrative offices, laboratories, library hostel.